DESPITE the snow and cold weather, the staff at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre are looking forward to spring and they are kicking things off with Sabrina's Spring Menu cookery course on Thursday, March 22. Sabrina will be teaching fresh and flavourful dishes that incorporate fresh, spring ingredients such as parsnips, asparagus, cucumber and spinach.

Run by local charity, Grow Cook Learn, the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is the perfect place to start your exploration of the Shropshire Hills and learn all about their food, history and landscape. Back in 2016, the centre was able to set up a pop up kitchen, kindly sponsored by Ludlow Food Festival, and this has been used for many courses including Sizzling Samosas, Herbs and Spices and Better Baking to name a few.

Sabrina is the founder of Kitchen Thyme; her colourful international background influences her unique style of cooking and culture. Sabrina will be using her own range of spices for this course which will be available to buy too.

Inspiring you to be more creative and adventurous in your cooking by gaining confidence and smarts to truly impress, Sabrina will help you turn your ordinary into extraordinary with her guidance and tips.

From 10am to 2pm, in the pop-up kitchen you will create delicious salads, paella and more.

For just £35 per person, booking is essential with discounts available for members of the supporter scheme.

For further details call 01588 676060 or visit the website