LOCAL campaigners from the Bishop's Castle Christian Aid Group visited the local branch of HSBC on September 22 to urge them to stop using customers' money to support fossil fuel companies.

The Bishop's Castle based group presented messages from the community as part of the Christian Aid Big Shift Campaign.

The campaign's aim is to explain why HSBC needs to move its financial support from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Hazel Cribb, from Churchstoke is the secretary of the Christian Aid group and she said, “ I have made changes in my own life to tackle climate change, so it's nonsense that my bank is still using my money to support companies who continue to destroy the planet. HSBC must change their policy.”

The group presented a letter to the bank which will be passed to he chief executive and also displayed a piggy bank poster filled with messages of support.

Hazel Cribb continued, “Climate change is the biggest issue humanity is facing and we need everyone, including those managing our money, to make decisions that will put us on a safer path. Christian Aid believes that the big banks could provide capital to invest in the energy systems we need for the future, without damaging the planet.”