A LUDLOW cat lover is warning pet owners to take care when treating their animals for fleas.

Jennifer Leyton-Purrier came close to losing two of her beloved rare Bengal cats to a horrific death after a routine treatment for fleas went horribly wrong.

The cats spent four days in Teme Vets in the town on drips and in medically induced comas after she used a popular flea treatment but did not read the instructions.

Mrs Leyton-Purrier, who lives in Ashford Carbonel discovered fleas on two of her cats.

Within hours of applying the treatment she got an emergency call from home.

"I got a call from my daughter who told me that the cats hat gone into fits and were having convulsions,"

she said.

"They were in a terrible state and although I tried using water to wash off the treatment that is applied to the neck it was no good.”

Teme Vets took the two cats Shy, aged two and Huli Buli, both 15 months, in for emergency treatment.

Mrs Leyton-Purrier has so far paid £500 for the treatment.

The cats are now back home and seem to be making a recovery but it is too early to know if any long term damage has been done.

The experienced cat owner admits she did not read the instructions on the packaging that was thrown away before the animals became ill.

“This is a warning for pet owners that they need to take care when treating their animals with over-thecounter preparations,” she added.