IF Tenbury is serious about promoting itself as a tourist destination then it needs “joined up thinking”, according the chairman of Tenbury Tourism group.

Chris Dell thinks that there are too many different organisations trying to promote the attractions of the town but the problem is that they are not talking to each other.

“There are many groups putting in a lot of hard work but no co-ordination and this is resulting in duplication and confusion,” said Mr Dell, who has chaired Tenbury Tourism since 2004.

“We have Tenbury Events, which does an excellent job staging the Apple Fest, Mistletoe Festival and other events but understandably it does not promote what others are doing.

“Then we also have the Tourist Information Centre, which is entirely staffed by volunteers as well as other groups. In Tenbury there are also many different venues and this can add to the confusion.

What is needed is joined up thinking and some co-ordination.”

He believes Tenbury is at a disadvantage as its tourism promotion is dependent upon volunteers.

“Tenbury is the only town in the Malvern Hills District Council area where tourism is entirely left in the hands of volunteers. The volunteers do excellent work but if tourism is so important to the local economy, and it is, there needs to be someone who is paid to act as a coordinator.

“It would not be a lot of money and could be a parttime job for someone with a genuine interest in promoting the area.”

He said the town and surrounding area has a lot to offer as a tourist attraction but is not making the best of its opportunities.