A FORMULA 1 car it is not but with one careful owner and an unblemished racing pedigree, this fine piece of engineering is a snip.

The committee organising the Richards Castle Soap Box Derby is hoping to raise a good sum from the sale of one of the finest machines ever to grace the event.

Ian Astley, of Bishopstone Racing Motors, is the undisputed champion of the event, having competed in every one since racing began in 2004. After announcing his retirement, Mr Astley, who is in his 70s, has asked the committee to sell his kart, which has never been defeated.

He is donating half of the proceeds to the cost of staging the 2010 charity derby on Sunday, July 11, and half to the community hall at Mansell Lacy near Hereford. As well as the machine itself, Mr Astley is also offering up the secrets of getting the best out of it, such as optimum tyre pressure.

If you are interested in buying probably the fastest soap box in the country, contact Ian Broom on 01584 831139 no later than Sunday, May 16.