I DROVE from Milton Keynes to visit your historic town and especially Ludlow Castle. What a wonderful place Ludlow is – clean, well laid out and the variety of buildings are incredible.

I met a lovely gentleman on the common who spent more than an hour telling me the history of the area, lots of it not published.

My visit to the castle, however, was a big let down. It is a superb place, cheap to get into and full of character; the staff are helpful and the shop has a wide range of books on its history.

However, I could not enjoy it.

There is an exhibition in there which would be more at home in an Ann Summers store or a sleazy porno shop in London; it is degrading to women and unsuitable for children. I wrote to the castle pointing out that I believe it is pornographic art and that I hope children will be banned from the castle until the display is over.

They replied that it is art and school trips are going in daily. I am not a prude, I am a girl of the 60s, I just believe this is totally unsuitable for the venue. It seems that we, the public, have no say in what ‘art’ is – who decides then? How is it that if we do not agree that some of the trash spewed out is art, we are branded old-fashioned or narrow minded?

I hope your local women’s groups will take this further and perhaps my letter will spark enough debate for the trustees of the castle or heads of schools to reconsider.

MARGARET BURKE, Bradville, Milton Keynes.