COUNCIL tax payers in south Shropshire will have to pick up a £1,000 bill after a row over whether a member of Ludlow Town Council had resigned or not.

Following an investigation led by Veronica Calderbank, head of Scrutiny and Standards at South Shropshire District Council, it has been determined that Michael Bradley did not resign.

But in reaching the decision, it was necessary to take legal advice from Birmingham lawyers Eversheds – resulting in the bill for £1,000.

Councillor Bradley wrote a letter of resignation from the council but failed to pass it to the mayor, as is required by law.

He subsequently changed his mind and withdrew his resignation, resulting in a challenge from other members of the council.

“I had no option but to seek advice as the district council is responsible for elections,” said Veronica Calderbank.

“I was advised that as Councillor Bradley withdrew his resignation before it was given to the mayor, his resignation has no effect and he remains a town councillor.

“A town councillor’s resignation must be delivered to the town mayor before it can be effective.

“As neither Councillor Bradley or the clerk had passed the letter to the mayor, it had not taken effect before it was withdrawn.”

The £1,000 legal bill will have to be carried by South Shropshire District Council and cannot be recovered from Ludlow Town Council.

Meanwhile, an election will be held for the vacancy on Ludlow Town Council following the resignation of Graeme Perks.

The vote for the vacancy to represent the Gallows Bank ward is scheduled for Thursday, November 6.