A BED will roll through Ludlow's streets to the rattle of buckets as the annual Ludlow hospital bed-push makes its return this month.

‘Matron’ Mark Hiles and his colleagues will again be pushing a bed and rattling buckets in Ludlow town centre to raise funds on behalf of Ludlow Community Hospital League of Friends on Saturday, July 13.

Mr Hiles and his gallant team spend the day dressed in costume touring the town collecting.

This year’s event is being made in memory of one of Ludlow’s best-known charity supporters, the late Marina Clent, for many years a trustee of the league.

The money raised will go towards helping to refurbish the end of life suite at the Community hospital. For those unable to donate on Saturday, collection boxes will be available in Ludlow Tesco during the week.

Jennifer Gill, co-chair of the League of Friends said: “The hospital management has asked the league for its help in enhancing the end of life suite at our community hospital, both for the benefit of patients and also their families.

"The League is very happy to support this initiative and our Bed Push event on Saturday will raise funds to improve the overnight sleeping arrangements for patients families so that they can remain in the hospital with their loved ones at what is a very sad and difficult time."

Mark Hiles, local resident and passionate supporter of the hospital said: “In a world where we are always so grateful to have an NHS, there is always the worry that in the future it may not be there, or we may not have access to the service we need locally, especially with what happened to my wife and the lack of maternity services when giving birth to our daughter.

"We are always grateful to those who go above and beyond to make sure that our local NHS services have the equipment they need. We are in awe of the fabulous work the League of Friends do and to be a small part of that does give you a sense of pride. And what better way to raise vital funds for our community hospital than get dressed up, have a little fun and bring a smile to everyone."

More details can be found at Ludlow Hospital League of Friends website at https://ludlowlof.org.uk