COUNCILLORS in Tenbury have voiced their disapproval after a new kitchen was built at a farm without planning permission being sought.

A retrospective planning application was submitted for the erection of a single storey side extension following the demolition of an original wing at Green Hayes Farm, Tenbury, in April.

The application said the works, which were started without planning consent in November last year, were to rebuild the existing kitchen due to an unsafe structure. The original footprint would be retained, it said.

The new kitchen would be built of brick and breezeblock and rendered in white.

In a statement accompanying the application, applicants Hannah and Ryan Jones said they had initially planned to carry out roof repairs to the kitchen, which "unfortunately turned into a bigger project".

The roof, the statement said, was sagging severely, with evidence of severe rot to the rafters, while an oak truss had been previously cut through to form an opening in the roof space, the gable end brick wall moved when pushed by hand, and mortar between bricks was degraded to the extent that it fell out when plaster was removed.

The application said that, as the applicants had a young child and no other kitchen space, the issues needed to be quickly remedied, and it was decided in consultation with local builders that the kitchen needed to be rebuilt.

The applicants said they had mistakenly thought that by maintaining the size and footprint of the kitchen, the works would come under permitted development.

"Following the visit from the planning enforcement officer we have worked quickly to provide the information for your consideration in this matter," they said, reiterating that they had not intended to carry out work that was not permitted.

Draft minutes from Tenbury Town Council planning committee's June 3 meeting said that councillors had resolved to support the planning application.

But, the draft minutes said, the committee would like to raise concern that the appropriate planning process was not followed and their disapproval of a retrospective application.