Video: Griffiths Garage

AN UNUSUAL pair of thieves have been caught on camera in a village shop.

The shoplifters might have hoped to have got away with their crime... but they were caught in the act as they attempted to make off with their prize. 

The dastardly duo were seen sniffing at a sack of potatoes at Griffiths Garage in Leintwardine, while one of the two carried a pilfered loaf of bread.

The loaf was almost lost as one of the pair dropped it to investigate a bag of dog food but, perhaps with weight in mind, they soon scampered off with their prized loaf clamped in their jaws.

But their escape was foiled and the two, revealed to be a pair of black Labradors, soon found themselves in the custody of the shop owners.

In a message on social media earlier today (May 21), Griffiths Garage asked if anyone locally had lost their dogs, although it did not sound like they were in any rush to hand the thieves over!

"This is the best thing to happen at the citadel of rural retail since a piglet escaped from the butchers and took refuge up Mill Lane, so no rush," the garage said.

The garage later confirmed that the pair had been returned to their owner.

"The lovable duo who broke out this morning have been suitably rehabilitated and returned safely home now," a spokesperson said.