A TENBURY business is celebrating after being handed a coveted award at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Leading tree nursery Frank P Matthews Ltd, is proud to announce that Prunus 'Starlight', created in 2006 from a cross between a sweet eating cherry and Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea', has been awarded the highly coveted title of RHS Plant of the Year 2024.

This esteemed accolade, presented by the Royal Horticultural Society, recognises the outstanding qualities and unique characteristics of this exceptional new variety.

Prunus 'Starlight' stood out among the competition for its remarkable features, including its stunning profusion of pure white blossoms that emerge in early spring, creating a breathtaking display that heralds the start of the gardening season. Its compact growth habit and disease resistance make it an ideal choice for both urban and rural landscapes.

Ludlow Advertiser: Prunus ‘Starlight’® has been awarded the highly coveted title of RHS Plant of the Year 2024Prunus ‘Starlight’® has been awarded the highly coveted title of RHS Plant of the Year 2024 (Image: Frank P Matthews)

“We are absolutely thrilled that Prunus 'Starlight' has been honoured with the RHS Plant of the Year award,” said Steph Dunn James, director at Frank P Matthews Ltd.

“This achievement underscores over 123 years of commitment to growing exceptional trees on our nursery”

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Prunus 'Starlight' is noted for its adaptability and resilience. It thrives in a variety of soil types and is well-suited to the UK’s climate, ensuring that gardeners can enjoy its beauty with minimal maintenance. The tree's graceful form and enchanting blooms provide year-round interest, making it a standout choice for garden enthusiasts and professional landscapers alike.

The RHS Plant of the Year competition is held annually at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where new plant introductions are evaluated by a panel of experts. Prunus 'Starlight' impressed the judges with its unique combination of beauty, practicality, and performance, securing its place as a top contender in the horticultural world.

Frank P Matthews Ltd has a long-standing reputation for excellence in plant breeding and nursery management. With over a century of experience, the company continues to promise to lead the industry by introducing innovative and high-quality trees that enhance the gardening experience.