LUDLOW is gearing up to remember the D-Day landings 80 years on.

In recognition of 80 years since the Second World War's D-Day landings on the five beaches in Normandy, Ludlow Town Council, in collaboration with Ludlow Castle and Ludlow Chamber of Trade, has proudly announced a special commemorative event.

On June 6 1944, in Operation Overlord, Allied forces parachuted into drop zones across northern France, while troops landed across five assault beaches, Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

The Allied cross-channel invasion intended to free Europe from the stranglehold of German Occupation, was three years in the planning.

The size of the invasion force was unparalleled, with 1,200 fighting ships, 10,000 aircraft, including more than 200 gliders, 4,126 landing craft and 864 transport ships, 600,000 tons of supplies, and 158,000 men, who landed on five Normandy beaches.

The huge operation became a turning point in the war, enabling the allies to relaunch its attacks against the Nazi forces and liberate north-west Europe, leading to victory a year later.

To mark the historic anniversary, locals in Ludlow are invited to join a picnic celebration at Ludlow Castle on Thursday, June 6, from 6.30 pm. This community event is being held to commemorate the courage and bravery of the many who sacrificed their lives to secure our freedom. Attendees are encouraged to bring along a picnic and enjoy entertainment and food vendors within the Castle Walls.

Ludlow, along with the rest of the country will also be lighting a beacon at 9.15pm to mark the special occasion.

“This event holds profound significance in honouring the courage and sacrifice of those who fought for our freedom,” said the Mayor of Ludlow, Councillor Beverley Waite.

“We are pleased to invite the local community to join us for an evening of reflection and entertainment”.

Ludlow Town Council is working collaboratively with Ludlow Castle and the Chamber of Trade to mark this special occasion.