A TENBURY businessman who has helped to shape the landscape of British horticulture has marked an incredible milestone.

Berrington Court-based Frank P Matthews, which was founded in 1901 in Middlesex before moving to its current site on the banks of the river Teme in 1956, is celebrating fifty years of service from Nick Dunn.

A spokesperson said Mr Dunn, now 72, is "a visionary who has profoundly shaped the landscape of British horticulture".

From his early beginnings at the age of ten under the mentorship of his father, to joining the family business since 1974, Mr Dunn's career shows his lifelong dedication to the cultivation of exceptional British trees.

His journey in horticulture was rooted in the earthy floors of his grandfather Frank P Matthews' nursery, where he first learned the craft of handling leaves and cuttings. His formal training at Hadlow College and experiences working with diverse crops in the UK and USA only deepened his resolve to return and contribute to the family legacy.

As the third generation at Frank P Matthews, he has been instrumental in introducing innovative cultivation techniques and new varieties, maintaining the nursery's position at the forefront of the industry.

Throughout his career, Mr Dunn has extended his influence beyond the nursery through active participation in key horticultural societies such as the RHS, HDC, and NSA. His work has not only supported the UK's gardening and top fruit sectors but also promoted plant health and biodiversity on an international scale, including his tenure as President of the International Plant Propagation Society in the 1980s.

His contributions to horticulture are also literary, with his 2010 book "Trees For Your Garden" becoming an essential reference in the field, while he was awarded the prestigious RHS Victoria Medal of Honour in 2017, an accolade held simultaneously with his father, Andrew Dunn, who received it in 2003.

Today, he remains a vital member of the RHS Council, Horticulture Board, Gardens Advisor, and several committees, tirelessly championing the industry's growth and sustainability.

Frank P Matthews is one of the largest tree growing nurseries in the UK, growing over one million container grown and bare root, fruit and ornamental trees every year.