Thanks to the energies of local entrepreneur Anabelle de Gersigny and the generosity of Robin Farmer, Brighter Ludlow has installed its first shop window display.

Everyone was sad when Farmers, a long standing business that sold fruit and vegetables on the market and from its Mill Street shop, closed after Robin Farmer retired. "The shop didn’t look too good with brown paper screening its windows," said Councillor Andy Boddington.

Brighter Ludlow, an arts initiative made up of Anabelle de Gersigny of Gather, Tracey Huffer, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East and Andy Boddington, stepped in, and the windows have been brightened with screen prints, many of which were created at the Brighter Ludlow event on Events Square on Easter Saturday.

The aim now, says Mr Boddington, is to get more artwork into empty shops. "We need to create that artwork and get access to more shops. Getting access is not easy but I hope that now we have one shop makeover, other owners and agents will allow access."