Ludlow's bridges are among the 1000-plus bridges for which Shropshire Council is responsible, all of which are regularly inspected and, where necessary, repaired.

Last week it was Ludford Bridge's turn to be inspected, with the bridge closed to all traffic on Thursday while the work took place. The bridge was reopened by 3pm.

"This work," says the council's website, "is essential to ensure that our bridges remain in good order but, more importantly, that they’re safe for people and vehicles to cross.

"Our aim is to ensure that our highway bridges and structures are safe by preventing problems before they happen – something which offers the best value for money."

Ludlow's medieval bridge was built in the early 15th century, and was restored in 1886 (following a serious flood) and has 20th-century modifications on the north end.

In 2016, after the bridge was damaged by a reversing truck in February that year, the bridge was closed for ten weeks and five days for repairs which needed matching heritage stone to be sourced from local quarries.