In order to safeguard as many local services as possible, a proposal has been made to merge Ludford Parish into Ludlow Town Council to become Ludford Ward.

Ludlow Town Council has a £1m annual budget and employs 19 staff to provides a range of local services including the market, public convenience, open spaces, play areas, spaces for cultural activities, tourism publications, CCTV, Henley Road cemetery, and Ludlow Museum.

In contrast, Ludford Parish Council has an annual expenditure of less than £5,000 a year and employs one part-time member of staff. It is also receiving the development funds for the new housing being built.

Ludlow, says the council, needs these funds to consolidate and strengthen its position in the face of some very serious problems.

The majority of residents in Ludlow and Ludford use Ludlow’s local services, but there is an inequality in the council tax paid – Ludlow residents pay £231.95 per year, and, for access to the same services, Ludford residents pay £22.84 per year, so the services Ludford residents use are paid for by Ludlow’s residents.

It is therefore suggested that Ludford Parish should merge into Ludlow Town Council and become Ludford Ward, This change would provide more resources for the town council to save as many local services as possible.

Ludlow needs all residents to contribute equally so that the town can continue to thrive and become as self-reliant as possible in the face of significant cuts to discretionary services such as libraries, leisure activities, museum services, waste services, and street cleaning.

Please let Shropshire Council know your views on this matter by responding to the consultation: