LUDLOW Town Council is inviting the public to participate in a new consultation aimed at gathering opinions on the refurbishment of existing bus shelters or the installation of new ones throughout the town.

People are encouraged to share their preferences and recommendations through an online survey, which will run until April 12. You will have the opportunity to suggest specific bus stops where you believe a shelter is needed.

Following a previous bus shelter consultation in 2020, the council has installed four new bus shelters in the town. These initiatives aim to improve the accessibility and comfort of bus travel within Ludlow.

“By participating in this consultation, residents can help us prioritise areas for improvement and ensure that these facilities meet the needs of our community," said a spokesperson for Ludlow Town Council.

Paper copies of the consultation survey can be obtained from the Town Council office at the Guildhall, Mill Street, Ludlow or by calling 01584 871970.