The leaning phone box of Ludlow proved a short-lived attraction in the town.

At around 7am on February 21 a reversing delivery truck from a convenience store struck a glancing blow to the BT telephone booth on the corner of Upper Galdeford, Lower Galdeford and Tower Street. It’s beside the Ludlow mural at the former Budgens and directly opposite the Queens. Read more here

By late morning, the leaning phone box had become an object of wonder. People stood, stared and talked about the new attraction –inevitably dubbed the “leaning tower of Ludlow”.

"There is a part of me that wanted to leave the phone booth as it was," said Councillor Andy Boddington. "Leaning and artistic. A micro version of the famous tumbling telephone boxes of Kingston-upon-Thames."

However, the box needed to be made safe, and after calls to BT from Shropshire Council’s highways team and Cllr Boddington an engineer was dispatched, with the power company also called in to make it safe.

By the following morning BT had restored the phone booth to its original position.