PEOPLE living in Tenbury are waiting to see what the outcome of a planning application to build 25 holiday lodges will be, and over 50 locals have submitted responses.

An application for Cadmore Lodge in Tenbury was submitted to Malvern Hills District Council, seeking planning permission for 25 holiday lodges.

Cadmore Lodge has seen many changes in recent years, from a hotel to a care home, then back to a hotel.

The consultation period for the application ended on February 15, with the project proving controversial and generating 57 responses.

E A Belfield, a neighbour, had concerns about traffic and the amount of agricultural vehicles using the road, saying more vehicles could amount to more crashes.

Mhairi McCall had concerns about wildlife and said: "As a family we make use of the footpaths around the hotel and grounds nearly every day of the year. Walking there regularly we see nesting barn owls, grass snakes, newts, deer and a whole host of other wildlife. Of course the breeding pair of swans have made this their home for years as it is the main flat accessible area from the lake. There seems to be no mitigation or enhancement plan."

Another neighbour, Jackie Connolly, wrote in her response: "I object because the location of the lodges are close to our property, the construction of the road and parking spaces for each lodge will increase the vehicle noise and light pollution, and the reduced-quality lodges appear to be no more than cheap static caravans."

Richard Connolly, meanwhile, said that a new planning application should be submitted because of significant changes to the proposal. He said: "It is apparent that the applicant has substantially changed the nature of the proposed development to the extent that a fresh planning application is required."

Simon Russell also objected: "I wish to formally object to the application. This application presents major inconsistencies. There are clearly outstanding issues with public footpaths and their diversion. These need to be resolved."

Paul Bayliss agreed, saying that the new application did not match a previous proposed development which had been rejected.

Several other neighbours shared the same opinion, saying that what was once an application for luxury lodges was now lower-quality chalet-style accommodation.

Others had concerns about drainage and flooding risks.