Ludlow is taking a further step towards sustainability in the town by joining a water refill scheme.

Ludlow Town Council has announced its participation in a scheme which aims to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote sustainable practices within the community.

Refill is a nationwide campaign dedicated to connecting millions of individuals with locations where they can refill their water bottles for free.

As part of the Refill initiative, businesses across Ludlow are invited to join the movement.

Ludlow Town Council encourages local businesses to sign up for the Refill scheme either online at or by contacting Ludlow Town Council via email at, where Ludlow Town Council will assist with the registration process on your behalf.

On becoming a refill station, businesses will receive a sticker to display in their window alerting passers-by that they are welcome to refill their bottles at no extra cost.

“By participating in the Refill Scheme Ludlow is taking a proactive step towards reducing plastic waste in the community. By joining forces with local businesses, we can make an impact in promoting sustainability and tourism in our town. We hope that this initiative with help create a cleaner, greener Ludlow," said a spokesperson for the town council.