THE Shropshire fire service is hoping to add to the 30 body-worn cameras they own.

Speaking at an authority meeting this week Marc Millward, area manager for service delivery with Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Service, said that they are ‘looking to roll it out further’.

Mr Millward said the cameras, which cost £540 each, allow firefighters to live stream at incidents.

“The brigade manager can get live footage and use footage to support investigations,” he added. “Footage can also be used to enhance training.

“There is also a safety element as well as staff sometimes receive verbal and physical abuse.”

Chief fire officer Simon Hardiman assured firefighters that ‘it’s not big brother watching’.

He said: “We have reassured them that the video is used for tactical, learning or investigations."

At a recent presentation about the authority's use of digital devices, Mr Millward added that the authority now also owned two drones and had 10 trained drone pilots based between their bases at the Tweedale Industrial Estate and in Newport.