FENCING that surrounds a Ludlow playground has still not been repaired - three months after it was damaged in a court. 

Tollgate Play Park, off Tollgate Road, is regularly used by children in the town. 

However, many have been put off by the state of the fence. 

"The state of the popular play area on Tollgate, Ludlow is a disgrace," said Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North, who was going to raise the issue at the council's Cabinet meeting yesterday (Wednesday).

"More than three months after fencing collapsed in a storm, it still has not been repaired. The already rotten fencing blew down in an early winter storm.

The safety barriers blew down in the next storm shortly afterwards.

"No action has been taken by Shropshire Council to secure children’s safety at the site since. This has caused a lot of concern in the community in which I live.

Ludlow Advertiser: Cllr Andy Boddington (right) and Darren Childs from Ludlow Residents Group next to the depleted Tollgate play areaCllr Andy Boddington (right) and Darren Childs from Ludlow Residents Group next to the depleted Tollgate play area (Image: Rob)

"The entrance to the children’s play area is a safety hazard. Children must squeeze past the debris to get into the play area. The council is ignoring its responsibilities to protect the health and safety of children that use the play area.

"They see Shropshire Council’s officers on the site most weeks but no action taken.

"I will be asking the council’s cabinet what safety assessments it conducts on play areas and when the Tollgate play area fencing is going to be repaired."

Ludlow resident Sheena Wieckowicz said she was shocked when she was shown pictures of what the area looked like.  

"I immediately forwarded the photos and damage to FixMyStreet, as did others, who live in the area," she said. 

"Nothing's been done so I reported it again.

"It seems the council couldn't care less about children's play areas anymore. The play area down by the river has half of the swings missing."

A Shropshire Council spokesperson said: “Quotes have been sought for permanent repairs to the play area. It is recognised that the condition of the existing fencing is unacceptable and damaged sections will be removed, made safe and temporary repairs instigated so that children can play safely. This work will be undertaken shortly.”