A TENBURY dog owner believes misinformation about the XL Bully has led to other Bully breeds being tarred with the same brush.

The XL Bully is now on the list of dogs banned by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 following several serious, and some cases fatal, attacks.

It is illegal to own an XL Bully in England and Wales unless you have a Certificate of Exemption. Owners will also have to follow strict rules, including microchipping and neutering their dog, and muzzling it and keeping it on a lead if out in public.

However, Mary Stone-Belben believes all Bully breeds are being caught under the breed-specific legislation (BSL). 

The 50-year-old has an American Bully called Luna, who she says faces a lot of looks from people.

"It is a horrible and uncomfortable feeling to be walking a dog in public that does not need to be exempted when a few misinformed few will stare and comment ‘that dog should be muzzled’ when she is so obviously not an XL Bully," said Mrs Stone-Belben.

"My dog is not of type or structure to fit the XL Bully type. She is a registered pocket American Bully with the American Bully Kennel Club- this is a completely different size and category to an XL.

"Luna measures 13 inches high to her withers and an XL Bully starts at 19 inches for a female.

"To accuse us of having a XL Bully is accusing me of breaking the law, I am a director of my own company and misinformation being spread does not help a small business in a small town.

"The XL ban was rushed through and caused many many owners great distress worrying that their dog could be seized as ‘type’ under BSL.

"This then leads to owners of seized dogs having to fight a legal battle taking months and a huge legal bill to regain their dog. Bull breed dogs are very loyal and the separation quite often will destroy them."