A COUNCILLOR has expressed her delight that residents in a village near Ludlow won't see their council tax bills "increase from £30 to £218".

There had been plans for Ludford, which is a neighbour to Ludlow, to merge into the town. However, Councillor Vivienne Parry says this would have left villagers paying higher bills for services they wouldn't even receive.

Now, to the relief of Councillor Parry, it has been revealed that there will be no change to the parish boundary.

She said: "Ludford parish was not informed that they would have part of their council given to the town council.

"A meeting was held first at Ludlow where we were told that this needed to go through because of the forthcoming elections. Ludlow agreed that they only wanted the new houses.

"Ludford parish decided to fight against it. As their councillor I agreed with them and was the only councillor that did.

"A meeting was held last week in the Shirehall where it was decided not to carry on but to look into all parishes in the county after the next 2025 elections."

Ahead of the decision being made to scrap the boundary change plan, Andy Boddington said that he supported the idea of Ludford retaining the historic part of the town, and its "historic natural environment".

He said: "Ludford believes that they would be best placed to do this as a parish council. Specifically, the lower west section of the existing parish including the banks of the river Teme that form part of a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). The historic bridge dates from the 15th century, adjacent to the Horseshoe Weir. Ludford's area of SSSIs along the river Teme, the world-renowned fossil site known as the Ludlow Bone Beds, located at the end of the common."

However, he said that he believed the boundary should be the Teme rather than encompassing Ludlow Green and Foldgate Lane.

He added: "The proposals are bound to prove controversial, as it would mean an increase in precept for houses transferred from Ludford. However, it is unfair that some residents of Ludlow pay a lower precept. This change in parish boundaries is long overdue."