MAJOR transport changes could be coming to Ludlow, but one local councillor has warned he fears it could just be a 'tick-box' exercise.

Shropshire Council has launched an online questionnaire regarding their ‘Future Transport and Movement Plan’, a series of transport and connectivity changes set for the town over the next ten years.

The plan involves a number of proposed alterations, including creating a decked car park on the site of the current Galdeford car park, creating new pedestrianised areas and reducing traffic speeds at various points in the centre of the town.

The council has outlined several key objectives that they hope to achieve by undertaking the project.

A spokesperson said that they hope to protect the heritage and historic character of Ludlow by reducing traffic in the town and investing in the improved public realm at key locations in the town whilst ensuring the safety of walking and cycling in the town centre by delivering improvements to the current infrastructure at key locations.

They added that they intend to re-evaluate the relationship between Ludlow town centre and car parking provision by consolidating parking in the right places whilst also supporting public health and climate change priorities by encouraging more trips to be made by sustainable modes such as walking and public transport.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North, said: “Most of the proposals are low key but, in this historic town, will undoubtedly be expensive.

“I broadly welcome the proposals but I get don’t get the feeling that Shropshire Council is committed to any improvements in Ludlow. There is a danger that this just becomes another box ticked off on Shropshire Council’s list and nothing will be done.

“The boldest proposals are for the Galdeford car park. The top deck would become a bus hub. We will still need to ensure that local services go into the heart of the town centre to serve the needs of people with limited mobility.

“Even bolder, is the proposal to put an extra deck above the lower levels of the car park. This would have green walls and echoes my proposal in 2017 for the 'Hanging Gardens of Ludlow'.”

“The time for consultation is very short. Just three weeks. I don’t see what the rush is. Shropshire Council should allow more time for people to give feedback and provide their own ideas.”