A "VAGRANT" from Shropshire who damaged a police car in Manchester has been up before the magistrates.

David Stewart entered guilty pleas to one count of being found in or upon enclosed premises, one count of vehicle interference and two counts of criminal damage.

The damage was done to two different cars, one being a police vehicle and another belonging to a police officer. The damage was valued under £5,000 on both counts.

He appeared before magistrates in Stockport this month.

The court heard that the 24-year-old had intended, intentionally or recklessly and without lawful excuse, to damage a police vehicle and a Ford Mondeo belonging to a police officer on September 15 last year.

The damage was valued at a total of £3,000 across both vehicles.

He had been found in the rear car park of Wythenshawe police station for an unlawful purpose, namely to commit damage.

Stewart, of Milton Road, Ludlow, was ordered to pay compensation of £500 to the police officer.

He was also fined a total of £80, with magistrates saying they had taken his guilty pleas into account.

£85 in costs and a £32 surcharge were also ordered to be paid.

He had previously been remanded in custody, and has been ordered to pay the charges by July 31.