A TENBURY school has found a new way of curbing disruptive behaviour.

Tenbury High Ormiston Academy has introduced a ‘reset room’, a supervised space where disruptive pupils can be sent during lessons to reflect, engage in silent work and, where appropriate, talk about what went wrong and how their removal could have been avoided.

It is hoped that the measure will have a positive effect on all pupils in the school in the school, with teachers able to teach and pupils able to learn free from persistent disruption. Those who spend time in the ‘reset room’ are able to access further support and guidance in how to self-regulate their emotions and make the right choices. 

Principal Vicki Dean said: “I am delighted with the ways pupils have used this space and the impact this resource is having on the wider school and learning in general.

“Our ultimate aim is for all pupils to be in all lessons and learning all of the time.”