A PETITION has been launched to try and restore a collapsed wall in Ludlow that happened nearly 11 years ago. 

Situated behind St Laurence’s Church, the wall was once a symbol of the town’s rich history and natural beauty. However, locals say nothing substantial has been done to restore it and instead an unsightly metal fence now stands as a constant reminder. The petition, set up by Sheena Wieckowicz has nearly 400 signatures.

“Ludlow is known for its picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks that attract tourists from all corners of the globe,” she said.

“The collapsed town wall not only mars our town’s aesthetic but also diminishes our cultural heritage.

“The ongoing dispute surrounding the restoration efforts is unacceptable. It reflects poorly on our commitment to preserving Ludlow’s history and maintaining its natural beauty. We urge those responsible to act swiftly in resolving this dispute so that restoration work can commence.

“This petition isn’t just about restoring a physical structure; it’s about reclaiming an integral part of Ludlow’s identity that has been lost for far too long.”

It has the backing of Chris Naylor, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for South Shropshire. 

Ludlow Advertiser: The wall collapsed nearly 11 years agoThe wall collapsed nearly 11 years ago (Image: Rob Davies)

“I am concerned it has taken 10 years to try and sort out the ownership,” he said. “Ludlow is one of the loveliest towns in England. Surely it’s time to restore this historic monument?”

In a statement, Ludlow Town Council said: “It was recognised that this would be a large project, involving commissioning and agreeing a full specification for the repair works contract, working out an accurate estimate of the likely cost of those works and getting all of the necessary permissions.”

The spokesperson added that the final stage repair works were estimated to cost over £3 million.

“Ludlow Town Council is researching all available information to seek further advice from a barrister,” said the spokesperson.

“We are aware of the concerns of the people of Ludlow but until our legal team is in a position to advise us further, we cannot issue anything further.”

The wall is owned by St Laurence Parochial Parish Church (PCC).

A spokesperson said: “ We remain engaged and committed to working with the local town council over any plans they wish to present for approval to rebuild the collapsed section of the town wall behind the closed churchyard of St Laurence’s Church.”