A PLANNING application is calling for urgent work on a historic Ludlow house.

Malcolm Tuck applied for permission to complete work on the timber frame of Corve Cottage in Corve Street.

He says the frame on the historic house is decaying, and repairs are needed.

The planning application says: “The modern repairs are having a detrimental effect on the existing fabric. The historic arrangement of the façade, where the attic panel stepped out beyond the lower parts of the structure to shed water from the façade, has been lost.”

A survey of the property was undertaken by Durie Heritage Building Surveyors on January 9.

The report provided by the surveyors says: “The work currently at the planning stage solves the most immediate structural issues and the continuing decay caused by the design of the most recent repair work however the attic also remains vulnerable to continuing decay.

“Internally, the roof remains sound and shows no evidence of recent movement however it is understood that this is also subject to an additional inspection by the insurance appointed engineer.”

Going into more detail about the areas of the property that needed work, it said: “The structure shows localised vegetation growth. The cement mortar used to repoint the stone structure throughout is in poor condition.

“The panels are recessed behind the frame which has allowed ponding water. Water ingress due to the use of cement and later rubberised sealant has resulted in the significant decay currently being exposed. Surface repairs have been made using car body filler with the already decayed sections of timber.

“Where studs have been exposed, wattle grooves are visible indicating these have been re-used, likely having been resized and re-used from their connection with a previous beam.

“A central structure remains visible, but its timbers are unequal and show holes. They may be original to this roof.

“The base has deformed. This has been caused by the central pattress plate being incorrectly installed.”

The surveyor ranked many of the needed repairs as “Urgent” in the report.

The planning application has been approved by Shropshire Council.