THERE are several vacancies to represent Tenbury Town Council.

A meeting on February 5 will hear from anyone who wants to fill them.

There are three vacancies for the Town Ward and one for St Michael's.

Anyone interested in serving the community in this way and become a candidate for co-option should obtain an application form.

This can be done by contacting Lesley Bruton, the Tenbury Town Council clerk, by emailing her at or by calling 01584 810118.

The form should be returned by Friday, February 2. 

Tenbury Town Council will then discuss the applications at its meeting at the Pump Rooms at 7pm on Tuesday, February 5. 

Councillors take on specific areas of responsibility for facilities (formerly premises and amenities), finance, planning, and various task groups.

The Town Council is the first of three tiers of local government, the next levels being the District and County Councils. Each is responsible for different issues that concern parishioners.