THREE new cameras could be installed at Ludlow Community Hospital.

NHS Property Services has submitted plans to Shropshire Council for the automatic number plate recognition (APNR) cameras to be fitted at the Gravel Hill site, which will also include re-configuring car parking spaces.

"Where possible, cameras have been located on existing camera poles," said Rebecca Marwood, from NHS Property Services.

"This has not been possible for the camera near to the Gravel Hill Entrance, where a column has had to be installed on the internal road.

"As demonstrated in the proposed plans, there is still an accessible vehicular route that is 6900mm wide. The camera column and ANPR signage near to the vehicular entrances from the roads are the only element of the proposed works that will be visible from the road, and these will have minimal visual impact."

Ms Marwood added that the new car parking layout will increase the number of spaces across the site, although three spaces near to the main entrance from Gravel Hill will have lockable boards installed. This, she says, is because the camera cannot guarantee detection in those spaces.

"Where possible, signage will be mounted onto existing lamp posts/walls," said Ms Marwood.

"Where new posts are required they will be Galvanised steel posts installed. 

"There are no internal changes. The entire car park will receive new line marking, and where possible all signage will be mounted on existing lamp posts or to the existing building."