CONCERN is growing about the state of a vacant building in Ludlow.

Over the years, the exterior of the former Costa coffee shop on King Street has been seen to deteriorate, causing locals to turn to the Ludlow Residents Group to voice their concerns.

Many expressed fears that the building would soon become dangerous and prove hazardous to passing pedestrians who may be struck by masonry should it crumble and fall.

Darren Childs, town councillor for the Gallows Bank Ward, said that he has raised the matter with Shropshire Council but has not heard back as to whether any action will be taken.

Jon Pickering suggested that the building could be saved and put to good use if it was purchased by a new owner and converted into flats, but Gillian Jones posited that it was too late and demanded that the ex-coffee shop should be demolished before someone is injured.

Not everyone is as concerned however, John Southworth said: “All I see is some paint peeling off the brickwork.

“Let's not over-dramatise things and turn it into an impending apocalypse.”