GRANTS of up to £4,000 area available for community-based organisations supporting wellbeing in independence.

Shropshire Council's adult social care small preventative grant fund will be open for applications in January 2024.

The council will be looking to grant fund activity supporting people to remain independent and physically and mentally well, with the aim of preventing avoidable admissions into hospital or crisis.

Funding will be available for activity to be delivered between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025. It is aimed at voluntary organisations and community groups working in Shropshire, and for those wishing to start up new initiatives.

All applicants will need to demonstrate how their proposed activity supports The Shropshire Plan.

Eighteen organisations were awarded grants in 2023, totalling over £40,000. Thirty-two organisations had applied for the annual grant, and those who weren’t successful were signposted to other sources of support.

Due to the high level of applications that are received for the preventative grant programme, the council also strongly advises groups and organisations to firstly consider if the activity to be delivered is suitable to be funded through alternative grant programmes that are available.

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