A LUDLOW councillor has spoken out about anti-dog fouling measures in the area.

From October 26 through to December 21, the Shropshire council consulted locals about proposals to issue fines to dog owners who allow their animals to foul pavements and public spaces without clearing up afterwards.

If the public spaces protection order (PSPO) was approved, the councils dog warden service would be empowered to issue fixed penalty notices of up to £100. It would also mean that dogs would be excluded from play and sports areas and would be required to wear a lead on the public highway.

Officers would also have the power to ask for a dog to be put on a lead where they aren’t under the control of their owner or are acting aggressively.

Andy Boddington, councillor for Ludlow North, expressed his opinion as informed by locals on the proposal in a submission.

He said: “I strongly support Shropshire Council’s efforts to clamp down on cleaning up dog fouling. But the current proposals need a lot of improvement.

“In particular, the plan to fine dog walkers if their dog defecates in a public place are draconian and unworkable. I am concerned that the council is creating grey areas where people will be uncertain about the rules. The proposals would have benefited from detailed scrutiny before being issued for consultation.

“No other council prohibits the act of fouling, understood here to be defecating and not to include urinating.

“Issuing a fine if a walker’s dog defecates will undermine the primary objective of the PSPO – ensuring those in charge of dogs clean up any mess they leave in public areas.

“Should the PSPO include this measure, the council could expose itself to the risk of reputational damage.

“The regulation should be extended to make clear that disposal must be in bin provided for the purpose or at the dog walker’s premises.

“Although these are littering offences, littering is rarely enforced. It will negate the purpose of the PSPO if people deposit the poo bag anywhere other than in their own bin or a designated bin.”