By Mike Sheridan, local democracy reporter

A PLAN to hold eight live music events at Ludlow Castle will be decided by Shropshire Council after a public consultation closed this month.

Licensing officers will decide on the proposal by organisers Future Sounds to increase a number of planned concerts at the historic South Shropshire venue from four to eight in early 2024.

An original application for 15 events was pared back following an objection from Shropshire Council’s Public Protection team, and a group of town centre residents made strong representations opposing the plans during a town council meeting in December.

Supporters of the plan say it would bring trade and footfall to Ludlow’s historic town centre.

Ludlow Councillor Andy Boddington says he believes the revised application now represents the “right balance” for the town.

“Balancing the wishes of residents not to be disturbed with the broader wishes and needs of the town is difficult,” he said.

“The agreement by Future Sounds to reduce the number of events to eight achieves the right balance.

“What is music to the ears in the castle is often a noise nuisance outside. Fifteen events would constitute a public nuisance. Eight events is on the high side but, when the public benefit of the concerts is considered, acceptable.

“Not all residents near the castle are against the application but the large majority are. In contrast, the support across the town is huge with more than nine in ten in favour. ”

Last July, Rag’n’Bone Man, Kaiser Chiefs, Nile Rogers, Chic and Bastille played to packed crowds in Ludlow, with the success of the events leading to the potential expansion.

The planned events would take place in summer 2024 with about 7,000 people expected to attend on each day, but there would be limits on noise, the length of the shows and end times, organisers say.

Shropshire Council opened the application for comments during a consultation period which expired on December 21. Licensing officers will now decide on the application, with a decision expected in early 2024.