BIG changes are coming for services at Ludlow's community hospital.

At present both Station Drive Surgery and Portcullis Surgery are responsible for the operation of the hospital, however from January 1 Station Drive Surgery will be the sole provider of the facility's clinical care.

A spokesperson for Portcullis Surgery claimed that the increasing demands from the hospital had become unsustainable and that by pulling out they hope to improve patient access.

A spokesperson for Station Drive Surgery said: “This decision will mean that there may be times where the GP Partners, Dr Morton and Dr Mitchell, are slightly less accessible at Station Drive Surgery.

“We would like to wholeheartedly reassure you that this will not affect patient care.

“We are extremely fortunate to have an excellent, stable, senior clinical team with Kate Langman, Jane Taylor, Leigh Dalton and Matt Ziola having joined us over the past 18 months, providing frontline clinical care in the same way as the partners. In addition, our long-term nursing team whom many of you know, headed up by Tonia Meyrick and Gemma, continue providing nursing care and clinical support. 

“To ensure we have adequate appointments available we are absolutely delighted to announce that one of our extra GPs will be Dr Cook, who retired last year but remains a vital and valued part of the Station Drive team.

“Station Drive Surgery is fully committed to supporting Ludlow Hospital and the local community. Ludlow Hospital's future would look bleak without any GP support and we hope all our patients will support us in this decision.”