DOGS will be banned from a village park if plans go ahead.

Councillors in Wigmore heard that the village youth group had asked for a fence to be installed and dogs to be banned from the Bury Lane Playing Field, minutes from a recent meeting revealed.

In a report to the council, ward councillor Carole Gandy said a bench had also been requested by the group.

Wigmore Group Parish Council resolved to request of Herefordshire Council that Bury Lane Playing Fields and the closed churchyard at St James in Wigmore be granted public spaces protection orders and that dogs be excluded from the playground at Bury Lane once a proposed fence has been installed.

A public spaces protection order excluding dogs is already in force at Wigmore's Kingsmeadow infants play area.

Efforts have been focused on improving the playing field in recent months, with the council resolving earlier this year to install posts at the southern opening to prevent vehicles from accessing it after vehicles were found to have driven over it.

New play equipment has also been installed at the playing field over the last year.

What is a public spaces protection order?

Councils can impose the orders if there are problems or a nuisance in a public space which are affecting the community's quality of life.

The order sets out rules or restrictions designed to make sure that everyone can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour.

They can include bans on consuming alcohol in a defined area, requiring dog walkers to keep their pets on leads in a public park, or erecting gates to restrict public access. 

Once passed, a public spaces protection order has the force of law and those caught breaching it can face a fixed penalty fine or prosecution.