LUDLOW in Bloom want to hear about tales about the town.

If you know of any family stories, or a local character that did something extraordinary or made you laugh, then the committee want to hear from you. 

The theme for next year is 'A Story for Ludlow' which could involve the many businesses that have come and gone, or the guy in the 1960s who walked around in cowboy boots and a Stetson.

Councillor Vivienne Parry said: "We intend to present to the Royal Horticultural Society judges a floral history of Ludlow – from the geological beginnings to how our town stands now, and looking forward to what we as townsfolk may want from Ludlow in the future.

"Their tour will begin in the museum, and we will walk them around the square, which this year will be the frontispiece for our display. The tour will end at Working Together at Rock Springs where we will present what Ludlow wants for itself in the future."

Ludlow in Bloom is also on the lookout for drone pilots, which will be used as part of a video package. 

"If you want your garden to be part of our display, then while the Judges are at Working Together, we will put together a video of anyone who wishes to be involved stood in their garden and waving at the drone," added Coun Parry.

"This of course means we are also looking for someone who knows how to do this. We are good with plants, but technology is another thing.

"Do you have any ideas about what our displays should show?

"The judges always miss the May Fair, so we intend for there to be a display of what they are missing – maybe a Ferris wheel and dodgems in flowers.

"We are also hoping that people would temporarily donate any filled planters that they may think are suitable, these should have your name on, and will of course be given back afterwards."

If you would like to donate flowers, want to help in any way, or know someone who has a drone, then email