A FARE dodger has been ordered to pay hundreds after getting on a train without buying a ticket.

Jayne Aylison Emsen was proven guilty of one count of boarding a train in a non-compulsory ticket area without a valid ticket by magistrates in Manchester in November.

The court heard that the 21-year-old had boarded a Northern Trains Ltd train in Stockport on May 27, travelling to Manchester Picadilly.

But when on arrival at Manchester Picadilly Emsen was asked to produce a ticket, Emsen admitted having not bought one and requested a ticket from Stockport.

Stockport station has ticket purchasing facilities, the court heard.

A letter was sent to Emsen requesting an explanation, but no response was made and a fixed penalty notice was also sent, also receiving no response.

Emsen, of Wetmore, Onibury, was fined £220 and ordered to pay compensation of £4.90 to the rail operator, prosecution costs of £150, and an £88 victim surcharge.