A MAN accused of stealing thousands of pounds worth of goods from a supermarket has been found not guilty after no evidence was offered.

Patrick Stokes appeared before magistrates in Hereford in November after entering not guilty pleas to two charges at an earlier hearing in July.

The court had previously heard that Stokes, who was represented at the hearing by defence solicitor Marilena Di Vitantonio, had been accused of two counts of theft from a shop.

The alleged thefts involved £3,461 worth of Oil of Olay products and razor blades that he was accused of stealing from Sainsbury's in Hereford and £355 worth of electric toothbrush heads and Nicorette gum, spray, and patches that he was accused of stealing from Sainsbury's in Ludlow.

Both of the offences were alleged to have taken place on June 4, 2022.

But Stokes, of Northavon Close in Eccles, Manchester, was found not guilty of both charges after the prosecution offered no evidence to the court.