A FARE dodger has been ordered to pay hundreds after failing to by a £24 train ticket.

Harry Stokes entered guilty pleas to one count of travelling on a railway without paying his fare and one count of giving false particulars having failed to pay a rail fare to magistrates in Cardiff.

The court heard from the prosecutor that the 24-year-old had travelled on a Transport for Wales service between Carmarthen and Cardiff Central without having paid his fare of £24.10 and with intent to avoid paying his fare on April 15.

He had also given a false name and address to an officer of the railway company on the same date, the court heard.

Stokes, of Adforton, Craven Arms, was fined £176 for each offence, with magistrates saying that they had taken his guilty pleas into account when imposing the penalty.

He was also ordered to pay compensation of £24.10, prosecution costs of £185, and a £141 victim surcharge.