VETS in Ludlow and Tenbury are struggling to rehome pets as they say animal shelters have filled up.

Teme Veterinary Practice, which has branches in both Ludlow and Tenbury, said that "rescue centres are particularly full right now".

"We are currently facing issues trying to rehome cats and dogs," said a spokesperson for the vets.

According to Cats Protection, the number of pet cats given up for rehoming due to financial issues from January to May this year was up by nearly 50 per cent compared to the same period in 2022. The charity says it is seeing a rise in people giving up their cats due to higher costs to keep them as pets.

A spokesperson for Cats Protection said: "We are now hearing from families citing financial reasons for giving up their cats, but also an increase in older people and pensioners in this position. We've been working to support owners during the cost of living crisis and set up an online hub where owners can find lots of information and support. We are doing everything we can to help more owners keep their cats."

Dogs Trust, meanwhile, has similar concerns and says that many dog owners are now unable to provide for their pets. As a result, the charity has had an unprecedented number of enquiries since the cost of living crisis began, from desperate pet owners who feel they've run out of options.

CEO Owen Sharp said: "The UK is heading towards a situation in which, due to the cost of living crisis, we'll have a surplus of dogs whose owners need to give them up, but a deficit of people who can afford to take on a new dog. If you're struggling to afford to look after your own dog, we'll do all we can to help. We're always here."

The RSPCA recently marked its annual 'Adoptober' campaign. It said: "More animals are coming into our care. Getting a pet is an exciting time, but do your research first and really consider whether now is the right time for your family to take on a pet. We have thousands of animals waiting to start their happy ever after."