West Mercia Police have put out a country-wide appeal for a missing Shropshire man.

Christopher Jiggins, known as Jiggsy, has been missing from Church Stretton since 7pm on Sunday, October 29.

The 56-year-old is described as white, well-built, bald and with a distinctive moustache. He was last seen wearing camouflage clothing, shorts and books and is known for wearing a hessian cape.

The last known CCTV footage of Jiggsy was captured near the Family Shopper on Sandford Avenue in Church Stretton shortly before 7.55am on Monday, October 30.

West Mercia Police now believe he could be living off-grid anywhere in the country so are urging the public to come forward with any information.

DI Richard Davies said: “We’re becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of Jiggsy and would urge anyone who might have seen him to get in touch.

“At this stage he could be anywhere in the country and we believe he might be living off-grid.

“Jiggsy, if you are reading this then please get in touch to let us know you are ok. You’re not in any trouble and we can leave you be once we know you are safe, if that’s what you want.”

If you are with Jiggsy now or have seen him in the last few minutes then please call 999.

If you have any information about where he might be or that might help police find him then contact the Shrewsbury reactive CID team on 01743237414 or email DL-F-ReactiveCIDShrewsbury@westmercia.police.uk