A THIEF who repeatedly stole from shops in Ludlow has been jailed.

Anthony Shingler entered guilty pleas to four counts of theft from a shop and one count of breaching a criminal behaviour order when he appeared before magistrates in Kidderminster in October. 

The court heard from prosecutor Eleanor Peart that the 38-year-old had been made subject to a criminal behaviour order banning him from entering shops in Ludlow including One Stop, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Spar by magistrates in Telford in September.

The order also bans him from loitering outside any retail premises he has been banned from entering.

But, the court heard, Shingler had stolen two chicken breasts from Spar in Ludlow between October 18 and 19, and had stolen meat from Sainsbury's in Ludlow on two occasions on October 20. 

He was in breach of the criminal behaviour order as he was prohibited from entering both shops.

Magistrates said a custodial sentence was justified as Shingler has a flagrant disregard for people and their property.

Shingler, who is of no fixed address, was handed a 26-week prison sentence.

No order was made for prosecution costs to be paid.