A MAJOR project to refurbish former council housing in Ludlow has turned into a "nightmare", a councillor has claimed.

Shropshire councillor Tracey Huffer said the houses were set to be brought up to modern standards with the largest investment in social housing in Ludlow for decades, branding it a "dream project".

Tenants would be moved elsewhere in the street for a few months and allowed to return to their homes, which would be fitted with new floors, heating, electrics, bathrooms, kitchens, when the work was finished.

The works to some houses would include new plastering and new roofs, the councillor said.

But she has now warned that some of those properties are a "nightmare".

"There are gaps in doors, gaps in walls, electricity cables hanging loose, rubble in the gardens, and unfinished work everywhere," she said.

“I understand there is a dispute between Connexus and the contractor. That is not the tenants problem. They need their homes improved. They need safe homes. And they need warm homes before the coming winter. A meeting between Connexus, the contractors and the residents is needed urgently.

“There are now empty homes lying idle on Sandpits waiting for the work to be completed. We have a desperate shortage of social homes in South Shropshire and these could be filled dozens of times over.

“This needs to be sorted out quickly.”

Lib Dem Ludlow MP candidate Chris Naylor: “I am very disappointed by the state of some of the properties on Sandpits.

“Residents don’t like disruption. They will accept it if the work is done quickly and competently, and of course be grateful for the improvements. They will welcome more energy efficient homes that are cheaper to run.

“That’s not happening on Sandpits. The promise of improved homes seems ever more distant.”

Richard Woolley, chief executive at Connexus said: “We are extremely sorry that the work has not progressed at Sandpits as we had hoped. We are aware of the delays that there have been on this project, which we are actively working to resolve.

“Connexus has been working in partnership with contractors to deliver this important project. In the short term, we are looking to get the work finished on all the properties where it has started. Connexus remains committed to the much-needed regeneration on the Sandpits estate.”