A plan to build a new estate of up to 25 houses has been approved despite concerns over its impact on a Herefordshire village.

PlanIT Planning & Development and Arthur Gurney sought outline permission in summer last year to develop one-and-a-half hectares (nearly four acres) at Perrys Field on the southeast edge of Wigmore.

There would be eight homes for “intermediate low cost” and two starter homes, the remaining 15 being for open market sale. These 15 would incur contributions to local schools, play areas, transport and health provision.


The council’s landscape officer objected that the plan would encroach on open countryside, and on “the hedgerow-lined approach into the historic settlement of Wigmore”.

And while noting the application is initially to confirm access only, the council’s buildings conservation officer said he “could not support the indicative proposal in its current form” given its likely impact on nearby historic buildings.

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But its strategic housing officer welcomed the affordable housing share, and there were no objections over drainage and flood risk. Earlier concerns over safe road access had previously been addressed to the highways officer’s satisfaction.

Planning officer Adam Lewis concluded that any harm from the scheme “would be clearly outweighed by the benefits of providing new housing on a sustainably located site identified for development”.

A future planning application, expected to be from a different developer, will set out the design and layout of the houses and their surroundings.