MISERABLE weather could not dampen spirits as a popular event made its return to a Tenbury church.

Music Nouveau returned to St Michael's Church for the ninth year on September 16, turning the night into one of delight with a huge variety of music and songs.

Tony Penn, vice chair of St Michael's PCC, offered his thanks to Andrew Cook for the occasion.

"Without his efforts and considerable talent, this item in our annual programme of music and events would be sorely missed," Mr Penn said.

The evening kicked off with Dan Nichol, a popular singer and musician, followed by Terry Tandler, a wordsmith, great supporter of live music, morris man, and cider maker.

Next came Arthur Short, a classical guitarist, who had taken part in Andy Cook’s earlier 4/4 For All concert in May. This time he played his own compositions.

After a short interval and a glass of wine came John Swindells, former director of music at St Michael's. Mr Swindells played the piano to accompany verses spoken by local poet Tina Coles and sung by Alexis Hutchinson.

Ludlow Advertiser: John Swindells, Tina Coles, and Alexis Hutchinson perform at Music NouveauJohn Swindells, Tina Coles, and Alexis Hutchinson perform at Music Nouveau (Image: Ludlow Advertiser)

Ms Hutchinson studied at a conservatoire in London and has appeared at the Festival Hall among other prestigious venues. She was appointed principal alto lay clerk at Worcester Cathedral in September 2019, when she became the first female alto in the history of the choir.

The night was topped off with a performance from Red Madog, which saw Jack Brett performing vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, electric baritone and EBow and Andrew Cook performing vocals, violin and mandolin.

Their programme included 'Brooding Silence; from Mr Brett’s latest album, the new 'Absolute Truth' and some Paul Brett songs.

"Thought should be given to the generous contribution made by the eight artists performing in this event," Mr Penn said.

"Not just the rehearsals, but the time setting up and setting down and the travelling. All this helps raise money to enable this building, with its incredible acoustics, to survive for the community."