A 10-YEAR-OLD boy has swum the equivalent of a marathon to raise money for Ludlow Swimming Club.

Callen Gill, a pupil at Bitterley CoE Primary School, has been involved with the club for the past six months and wanted to do a fundraising activity. 

"Since Covid, the club has been trying to increase numbers," said Callen's mum, Amy.

"Callen overheard me talking about fundraising and he said he would like to do something.

"Initially he said he would swim 72 miles but I talked him out of that. We therefore agreed that he could a marathon.

"He did 18 swims over 29 days, which was a big commitment but he was really dedicated. He wanted to do with it, and smiled all the way.

"Some days he would do 80 lengths and some days a mile so on average it was a mile-and-a-half.

"He even completed one of his swims at a pool in Portsmouth when we went away for a few days."

"I want to thank Lee Hassan and the staff at Teme Leisure, Ludlow fot allowing Callen to swim for free while he completed his challenge. "

Callen has so far raised over £1,000. Anyone who wishes to donate can visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/amy-gill-1