COUNTER proposals to Shropshire Council’s walking and cycling plans for Ludlow have been slammed by locals

Campaigner Darren Childs of Ludlow said he and Shropshire councillors Vivienne Parry for Ludlow South, Tracy Huffer for Ludlow East, and Richard Huffer for Clee are battling plans proposed to promote walking and cycling in the town.

Shropshire Council said it wants to shut the High Street and King Street to traffic and convert the Castle Street car park into an open community space and parking for market traders as part of the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

An alternative proposal has been made by Ludlow councillor Andy Boddington, who earlier this month put forward his own a 44-page plan.

Councillor Boddington said he has made almost 50 new proposals, many suggested by locals and fellow councillors, in his Movement Strategy for Ludlow.

They include a weight restriction for the town centre during peak hours, an experimental ban on everything but buses and taxis in King Street between 11am and 4pm on Saturdays, and a dedicated park and ride service from the Eco Park to the town centre with buses running every 20 minutes.

“Shrewsbury has extended its town centre traffic closures at weekends. Footfall has increased,” Coun Boddington said.

But Mr Childs said he and county councillors Huffer, Huffer, and Parry are against Coun Boddington’s plan, the closure of the car park, and the partial closure of King Street, and will be putting their own counter-proposals to Shropshire County Council.

“We believe there is a way forward with 90 per cent of the proposals, but we cannot support anything that will damage trade in Ludlow for the many independent shops market restaurants and pubs,” Mr Childs said.

“Instead we need to focus on improving bus services and our town’s park and ride”

Coun Parry said she is “completely against” Coun Boddington’s proposals. “We have a lot of disabled people in the area, including me” she said.

“The Castle Street car park is full all the time with people coming in to do their shopping.”

Coun Parry also said that the proposals could hit tour buses, which she said are essential to businesses in the town. “It is very nice if you can cycle and walk, but a lot of us can’t do that,” she said.