LUDLOW is at risk of losing out on electric vehicle charging points.

This is the concern of David Currant, a member of the Ludlow 21 environmental group.

Mr Currant says that there is confusion about these charging points but that they depend upon an application to Shropshire Council and that competition for funding for the chargers is intense.

His worry is that objections to the charging points will limit the town’s ability to cut its environmental emissions and reduce funding for the charging points.

He says that up to now Ludlow has been allocated charging points in competition with other towns in the county.

Mr Currant says that there has been “misguided and mis-directed”

opposition to the siting of some of the charging points in the town.

Some people concerned about the charging points have tried to involve the town council, but Mr Currant says they have no say in the issue that is a matter for Shropshire Council.

“There are two main types of chargers, powerful ones designed for car parks for short stay use, especially by visitors, as in the Galdeford car park and smaller, less powerful, on-street versions which are aimed at town centre residents who have no garage or forecourt to enable them to install a personal charger,” said Mr Currant.

He refutes the claims made by some people that the charging points are ugly.

“Compared to street furniture like parking ticket machines, BT fuse cabinets, post boxes etc, the on-street chargers are small and placed close to the kerb so that they do not impede pedestrians,” Mr Currant said.

“The suggestion that these small chargers should be put in car parks totally defeats their intended purpose.”